"Green School Of The Year Award"

Congratulations to BCS!! Ostentatious moment for BCS as school has been accorded out of more than 1000 schools enrolled with "Green School Of The Year Award"by Mr.John Kerr former CEO of Edexcel foundation-currently Advisor and strategy consultant for various education bodies of India as well as for UK.More glory was added to our School when our Respected Principal ma'am Ms.Reeta Hashia and one Faculty member Ms. Vinita Yadav were felicitated for their best contribution in terms of services provided in the field of education at the 11th Educonvex 2019 and 8th Zamit International School award by Prof. M.M Pant Founder LMP education trust, Pro vice chancellor(IGNOU),A member of faculty at IIT Kanpur and MLNR Engineering college, Allahabad and a Professor at the University of London, Ontario Canada.

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