At Brilliants Convent, we are committed to providing a quality education for your child. We also understand the importance of keeping you informed about your child’s academic progress and other important school-related information. That's why we are excited to have partnered with the Hello Parent app (school-parent communication app) to provide you with real-time, consistent, and reliable updates.

How do you benefit?

The HelloParent app is a user-friendly platform that offers a range of features, including child tracking, academic progress monitoring, fee payments, calendar reminders, and easy communication with school administrators and teachers. We believe that these features will help us communicate more effectively with parents and provide a better education for your child.

We recognise that technology plays an important role in providing a better education for your child. By partnering with the HelloParent app (one of the best school management software in India), we are able to leverage technology to enhance communication with parents and provide timely updates about your child’s academic progress, upcoming events, and other important school-related information.

How to sign up?

We encourage you to download the HelloParent app onto your mobile device. The sign-up process is very easy. You can simply log in to the app using the mobile number provided to the school and start receiving important updates and notifications.

We look forward to using the HelloParent app to stay connected with you and enhance the education of your child and your experience at the school.

More information

The app is available on both and and can be downloaded by following the link: Hello Parent App