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About Brilliants' Convent

About Brilliants' Convent

At Brilliants' convent, we encourage children to celebrate individuality. We allow our students to discover what they are capable of and inspire them to take ownership of their own learning. We relentlessly focus on providing a challenging educational experience where pupils become independent and carry a love of learning for the rest of their lives.

We want the absolute best for our students, from high academic standards to excellent behaviour. We operate through firm routines and protocols, with focus on high moral standards at all times. Our children are expected to respect everyone and always tell the truth. We inspire them to hold a strong character by being sincere, helpful, determined and always hopeful. We also have the highest academic ambitions for them. We embrace best learning opportunities for all our learners by challenging them, inspiring them, nurturing them and securing high quality teaching.

We are committed to fostering a purposeful learning environment that focuses on the overall development of a child - intellectual, physical, cultural, social, moral and spiritual. We thoroughly believe that children are the supreme assets of the nation, and therefore aim to create a school culture that shapes the civic behaviours, identities, skills and values of these young people. We stimulate curiosity in their young minds, develop their ability to think and become informed citizens.

Beyond the academic curriculum, we provide our students with incredible learning opportunities and life changing experiences. We have varied co-curricular clubs and scheduled events that keep the children inspired and engaged throughout the year.There is always something extraordinary going on in school.

We are extremely proud of our passionate and dedicated teaching staff, supported by a strong management team. Together,we are a community of lifelong learners who are always passionately seeking better ways to help children learn. We believe that children are greatly influenced by their environment, so the teachers who continue to educate herself can better inspire our students to love learning. On personal level we encourage our teachers to continue learning and growing, while at school level we foster this with regular in-service professional development workshops for all our educators.